Prom 2022 Is Coming Soon!

Prom is May 6, and tickets are $65.


Frank Lewis

Picture of B&B Riverboats where prom will be hosted this year.

Tori Maxwell, Griffin Reporter

Prom 2022 is coming! Seniors and juniors, are you ready?

Prom is Friday, May 6, this spring. Katie Fliehman is the head of prom planning and student council. Fliehman says, “we start planning in January at the earliest,” and it typically takes four to five months to plan.

Prom is located at The B&B Riverboats and the theme for the dance is Butterflies and Bling. It’s the same location as last year; on a riverboat that floats down the Ohio River.

Fliehman says she’s excited about a lot of things like, “I love seeing all my kids stepping out in their finest! The flex…the floss…the blitz…the glitz, it’s so fun to see.”

This year we don’t have a mask mandate so this makes it 10x better, Fliehman says.

Prom tickets are $65 per student. This includes a complimentary picture, dinner, dessert and then a “midnight snack,’ which is another full meal,” Fliehman explains. You can pay Fliehman directly between now and prom night.

Johnny Martin, a senior, also talks about his emotions about attending his last prom ever.

“I am excited for the prom because this is my last one,” Johnny says. “This is where everyone will be there and we’re going out with a bang.”

Johnny is also excited because of the NO MASK MANDATE! “I feel great about not wearing a mask for prom,” Johnny says. “The mask is very uncomfortable when you are trying to get groovy!!”

Johnny added that after prom and the school year he is excited for starting a new chapter in his life and going off to college.

Enjoy your prom, Seniors and Juniors!