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Everyone has a Story

This story was written by 4th grade students who conducted an interview with Ms. Julie Tucker-Sullivan, Oyler’s Case Coordinator

In our mentoring class about journalism, we’ve been taught that everyone has a story, you just have to take the time to find it.  That means asking questions, and most importantly, that means listening.

All students at Oyler know Ms. Julie Sullivan, or do you?

The mentoring team decided to get to know her, and this is what we discovered.

Did you know that Ms. Sullivan is a vegetarian, who loves yoga and gardening? She grows lots of garlic, which is good for the vegetarian dishes she makes.

Did you know she’s been at Oyler four years and helps students who have things going on at school and outside of school. Mostly, according to Ms. Sullivan, they need someone to hear them, and that’s what she does.

We asked Ms. Sullivan why she’s good at her job, and she says it’s because she listens to students.

How would co-workers describe her? Ms. Sullivan said they would call her calm and patient.

Ms. Sullivan has three children. One works at UC Hospital, one is a nurse, and one is studying at the University of Cincinnati. She is studying to be a cardiac perfusionist. We need another session to understand what that is.

We asked Ms. Sullivan what makes her happy. She said it’s when everyone is healthy.

Also, her favorite holiday is Halloween. 

We’ve decided to be more like Ms. Sullivan, and listen more and talk less.

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