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LPH Thrives Apartment are almost ready for move-in

LPH Thrives is an ongoing project to bring affordable housing to Lower Price Hill

The apartments that are being built across from Oyler, on 8th Street, are almost complete and ready for people to move into. The project manager for Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, Ben Eilerman, said that tenants will begin moving in by October.

These apartments are part of LPH Thrives, a long-term project to bring affordable housing to the neighborhood. Eilerman told us why these apartments being affordable is important.

“We are trying to making these apartments for people with low income,” said Eilerman.

A photo of Ben giving us a tour of the units (by Ryniah).

Mr. Eilerman said, “affordable housing is important for everyone, for somebody who is just starting out with a career that is making minimum-wage all the way up to millionaires and CEOs.”

Basically, what he is saying is when we say people with low income we mean people that are just started out in life, people who just graduated collage/school and are looking for an affordable apartment.

What does low income mean: A widely used federal guideline defines low income as $14,580 annually for one person and $30,000 for a family of four. In Cincinnati, the range is a household income of $30,000 to $60,000.

These apartments aren’t just for people who are just starting in life or for CEO and millionaires, these apartment are for people who live in Lower Price Hill, their family members who have jobs in Lower Price Hill, or student who attends Oyler Community Learning Center.

A photo of some of the apartments (by Ryniah)

Mr. Eilerman also said “A like this project is important is  important, we’re planting our flag in the ground to say that these unites are going to be affordable for people who aren’t CEOs or millionaires, to people who work at Kroger’s to the teacher at Oyler, and we saying that we going to maintain as affordable.

“They are trying to keep millionaires and CEO from moving into these apartment so people who get paid medium wage a house to move into.

It took Ben Eilerman and this crew close to two years to build this building.

( by Ryniah)

Below is all the info on the parking situation.

Eilerman said, “There is no decanting parking spots that’s have anything to do with this project aside from three handicaps parking spots that we got behind this building, so in the building on west 8th street right now and this is where we tried to concentrate as many of the handicaps units as possible.”

Basically, what he is saying is that there are some handicaps spot for some residence that might have any disabilities.

Ben also told us that this project will benefit Oyler by giving Oyler families houses so that more students can live closer to the school, not having to worry about getting to school, and there being less vacant buildings in Lower Price Hill.

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    Luz GoodsonSep 10, 2023 at 8:42 pm

    How you apply

  • L

    LoriSep 9, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    This is a Great Idea I pray the plans to help ppl and being affordable will be the main objective and it won’t hange!°

    Blessings for the project and prayers for the new tenants