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Unataza, meaning “One Cup,” is more than a Coffee Shop

Unataza is a staple in Dayton, Kentucky
Unataza, meaning One Cup, is more than a Coffee Shop

Unataza has offered many different classes to learn and do different things! Some consist of beginners level spanish, yoga classes, coffee sensory, salsa dancing, and maybe in the future, Katie Shaw, a manager, even mentioned a company coming in to run cooking classes for tamales. Unataza isn’t just home for all these activities though, they are also a coffee shop! 

Unataza opened in Dayton, Kentucky in September 2019.  Before they were a coffee shop, the owner, Alejandra Flores, had her own coffee cart that she would take to events and tell her story in 2017. 

Katie Shaw, the manager at Unataza said that one of the few reasons why she started working there was because of Alejandra’s story and the sense of community she felt working there. 

“I love Alejandra’s story. Pretty much everything about it I love and it just fits. Like I get to walk to work and it’s almost like all of my friends come to see me, although they aren’t really my friends, it’s just people I’ve met from working here. So it’s just like coming into work everyday is happy,” Shaw said. 

When Flores was asked about what she thought separated Unataza from other coffee shops, she talks about how she is close with their main coffee producer and has a good relationship with them. She also talks about how it all started from scratch, from an idea and that everyone put a lot of effort into the business. 

“Our process and our reason why we do it, it’s very organic. Like meaning, it all started from scratch,” said Floreces, she went on to say, “There is a lot of effort put into the business, there is the uniqueness of how I am from Honduras, Tegucigalpa and I have been living here for 10-11 years and that the connections we have with the farm are like really direct connections, to the point that Katia, our main coffee producer that we have been working with, she’s just one message away from my phone.” 

Did you know that Flores also organizes a trip to Honduras to go learn about people’s coffee stories in Honduras. They go to Honduras and experience specialty coffee from its origins. When you are there, there are plenty of things you will be doing! Some things consist of a 4 hour journey through the mountains and green between San Pedro and Copán Ruinas, they witness the process that the coffee goes through before it reaches the cup, they meet the children who attend school on the farms, and on day 4 they end the day with a special candlelight dinner at one of the top-rated places in Honduras, on the last day they go and walk through the Mayan civilization, and end the day with with a relaxing night at El Lago De Yojoa.

If you would like to visit Unataza to try their coffee they are located at 603 Sixth Ave in Dayton, Kentucky.

Their number is: (859) 261-8292 and email: [email protected]

They also have a website where you can see information about their trip to Honduras: https://www.unatazacoffee.com you can also contact them through their social medias such as Facebook (Unataza Coffee) or Instagram (@unataza.coffee). 

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