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The Oyler Griffin

The Oyler Griffin

The Oyler Griffin

Food for the weekends is provided by Power Packs

By Kailee Williamson

Are you in need of food for the weekends? If so, our school offers packs of food for you to take home with you.

These packs are called Power Packs.

Oyler started to give out Power Packs around 2000-2001

Power Packs are given out every Friday for grades K-6

Even though power packs are for grades 6 and under, if any kid older needs a Power Pack they are more than welcome to one.

You have to be qualified to get one so if you need one make sure to sign up. 

If you sign up to get one make sure you take it cause as Mrs Apple gate said “it takes food away from people who actually need it.”

The items in the power pack are always the same, juice, milk, cereal, pudding, cheese nips, Two cans of ravioli, turkey stick, cereal bar. And all the food is given to us from the Free Store Foodbank.

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Food for the weekends is provided by Power Packs