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Elementary Students of the Month: September and October

By Sadie Smith

These students of the month have worked hard and shown great behavior in order to become the Student of the Month. 

“I choose students who have been working hard in class on their school work as well as having good behavior.” says Deborah Talbert, a first grade teacher. 

The students have shown wonderful expectations and have been recognized for it. Their names were announced on the intercom and they receive a certificate. 

“I do not hold Student of the Month to a higher standard than anyone else,” Talbert says, “however, they are always exceeding my expectations which is why they were chosen to be the Student of the Month.” 

“They like to see their picture on the bulletin board outside of Ms. Randolph’s office. Most importantly, they love sharing Student of the Month with their family,” Talbert says. “Families are so proud when their student receives the Student of the Month award.” 

The students who receive the award are able to show off the award and feel good about themselves which will encourage them to continue doing great in school. 

Talbert also talked about how there was a student who was having a hard time in school with behavior but she talked to him about why he did not get the award and what he could do in order to receive it. The next month, in October, he was able to better his behavior and received the award. 

“It really did improve his behavior in school as well as his work ethic,” Talbert says. “He continued to work hard in class even after receiving the award.”

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Elementary Students of the Month: September and October