What we found at University of Cincinnati

If you’re a young student at Oyler who’s not sure about college yet, this story is for you!

Razz, Griffin Reporter

Oyler’s middle school students recently visited the University of Cincinnati for a field trip.

It was on March 16, from 9:30 a.m. to around 2 p.m.

For many of us in 8th grade, this was the first time on a college campus.

On this trip, we toured UC, finding statues and land points on the campus for a scavenger hunt.

We walked around and saw different buildings for different classes and fields for various sports, such as football, soccer, and baseball, and there were also many restaurants around. The whole area felt very homelike, almost like a gated community.

Oyler student Mia says she thought it was a fulfilling experience and saw her opportunities much sooner than expected. “That way, when I’m older, I don’t have to figure it out quickly,” Mia says.

Another 8th grade student Salma says the trip was “tiring,” and would only suggest attending this college if you like being in a vast community.

On the other hand, 8th grade student Lashanti says, “it was exciting; I suggest going.”

“You wouldn’t have to leave campus much because everything you need is already there.”

Lashanti also says her watch didn’t record the whole trip, but we definitely walked more than a mile.

While the trip was tiring, it was very educational and gave me an insight into college communities and they’re like.

The college students talked and told us many things I didn’t know, and many things we saw and heard made me want to attend a college even more than I did before.

They made me realize that college isn’t as expensive as it may seem to some. There are plenty of scholarships and opportunities designed to help make it affordable.

Our school here at Oyler has had two students who have received full-ride scholarships to go to UC two years in a row! So, they have to pay nothing to attend. We have a student, Sadie Smith, who received this scholarship this year, and Marcus last year. It’s called the Marian Spencer Scholarship.

In conclusion, looking at your options is very important. Even if you think college isn’t something for you, you should still try your best at school, visit colleges, and research your options. You never know if you could discover something that sparks your interest like never before.


Sadie Smith, this spring’s winner of the Marian Spencer Scholarship (2023).