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Update on Oyler’s Basketball teams for middle school


Oyler basketball is currently in season, with games in full swing. Currently the record for boys varsity basketball is 2-2, and varsity girl are 1-3 .

We all know that Oyler had middle and high school sports teams, for example the female volleyball teams, which the middle school women’s volleyball team won their championship. Congratulations to all our females who played in both high school and middle school volleyball.

This December, there are not only high school teams, but also junior high boys and girls basketball teams.

Reina, a middle school basketball player said, “I know we as a team are going to make it to the championship this season.”

Reina is confident in her team, but she is still growing in skills, she said. Some of the basketball players probably don’t have a lot of confidence within themselves, but as long as you guys and girls give it your all and enjoy the games, that’s all that matters.

Coach Dukes leads the Jr high girls basketball team. Reina said, “his strongest trait is giving tough love to his players.”

Coach Steve is the head coach for the junior high boys team.

But in most people’s opinion all of the basketball teams will make it, besides, we all know that winning feels good but you should know that even if you and your team wins or loses a game, as long as you and everyone around you is having fun and playing fair in every game, that’s is what’s really is important.

Also, instead of being upset about losing a game, think about how you can improve your skills. And that goes for any future Madhatter basketball player who is looking forward to playing. Now, let’s hope that all teams can make it to the championship this season.

Anyway, there have been a couple of games involving Jr. high already. I bet the coach and the athletic director feels very proud of the Oyler teams and the players must be proud of themselves and the games they won so far. Oyler basketball fans/supporters believe and hope that all teams can make it to the championships and even if you don’t win the championship or games at least you tried and had enjoyed playing in the season.

There is a basketball team for all students from 4th-12th grade, which is great because it gives everyone a chance to play basketball. Thank you to Coach Bri, Ms. Jessica and Ms. Amelia from Santa Maria (aka “the Center”) for making an elementary team happen.

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