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Oyler Teacher talks about what it’s like owning Exotic Pets

By Joey Harbin

Pets are something that almost every household has but some people take it further than the average person. It’s already hard enough to take care of regular pets, so why have something that’s even harder to take care of?

Also, what makes an exotic pet? It really depends on what you would classify it as. It could vary from something rare like an uncommon breed of dog or, something more on the weird side like an axolotl, a type of salamander that is an aquatic species. 

“You definitely need to do your research before owning an exotic pet because there’s a lot that goes into it,” said Mrs. Seither, an exotic pet owner. “Many pets require heating and humidity components, which your typical pet would not.”

“I have a crested gecko, a bearded dragon, a rat, and 2 Hog Island Boas. Many of my pets are mainly reptiles,” said Seither. 

Now, what’s cool about having these pets that may be overlooked by people is that they can actually provide useful things for your everyday life. For example, if you are raising goats, you can potentially use them for milk.

Most of these pets can range from $200-450! Its’ really a lot for something that’s gonna be in your house and sometimes causes more trouble than you want. But, if you have the money, they’re definitely worth it. 

Around 13 percent of people own exotic pets in their households in the United States which is actually a very surprising number since I wouldn’t think about getting such strange, but cool pets.

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Oyler Teacher talks about what it’s like owning Exotic Pets