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Summer Scholars

By: Carlissa Dennis

Summer 2021 here at Oyler was one of the biggest summers our school has seen so far! One of the programs we currently had taking place this summer was the Summer Scholars program.

Summer Scholars was a program for grades K-12, in which students were exposed to the Vision 2020 communications pathway through various workshops, activities, showcases and more. 

Oyler’s K-6 coordinator, Ms.Allie, was super excited for what was to come. She explains that the reason Oyler and local schools in general had decided to have such a big summer was due to the “loss of learning” throughout this rough year. Because of the pandemic, schools were closed and under a lot of restrictions. This took a lot of valuable learning time from students, these programs wanted to make up for that. 

This program was taking place from Monday, June 7 to August 12. During the month of June, Summer Scholars main focus was bringing partnerships and fun things to Oyler.

Allie says, “Not only did we lose a bunch of learning time, we lost a lot of the fun as well.” 

Students also missed out on opportunities to communicate with others, go on field trips and more. During the month of July, Summer Scholars main focus was field trips. Lastly, Summer Scholars main focus for the month of August was a few different sports camps. Summer Scholars was focused on broadcasting marketing, storytelling and photography. Each grade had a different project to highlight that media field.

Oyler had the funds to make this summer possible thanks to federal funding, as well as donations from several of our partners. 

This funding had given us the opportunity to do things such as welcome the Newport Aquarium to Oyler bringing animals such as stingray and penguins, The Children’s Theatre performing Jacqualine and the beanstalk, a field day and much more.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Allie by email, [email protected]

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