Meiser’s Market

Natoria Maxwell, Staff Reporter

Meiser’s Market is a small grocery store on State Avenue and is only a 3 minute walk from Our Oyler School. Ms. Marisha Davis speaks about what makes Meisers special and that is they serve free produce everyday which are donated to them.

They also have a “Green giveaway” where you have to sign up on a computer as a member and then you are able to get two free green labels a day,which could be food related or hygiene products. Everytime you make a purchase at the Meiser’s Market you can gain points and if you gain up to 89 points you’re able to get $2 dollars off your next purchase.

Meisers isn’t only good for their good deals but it’s also great for the environment around lower price hill. Lower Price Hill was a food desert before the market opened over a year ago, which makes it difficult to find food in the area. 

Ms. Marisha says “ it’s for the neighborhood to the neighborhood so do feel bad when you come in here because we are here for you”. So please if you need any help at all don’t hesitate to stop in at 738 State Ave, Cincinnati. OH 45204. If you have any more questions visit orcall 513-371-5301.