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The Oyler Griffin

The Oyler Griffin

The Oyler Griffin

Penguins come to Oyler Courtesy of Newport Aquarium

By Carlissa Dennis

Here at Oyler we believe you should always be yourself, unless you can be a penguin.

On June 21, from 1:05 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Newport Aquarium gave Oyler elementary students the opportunity to meet a real penguin!

When they arrived at the Oyler gym, Newport Aquarium employees introduced us to the star of the show, Green Bean. Green Bean is a 9-10 year old female African penguin. Unfortunately, Green Bean along with many other penguins do not enjoy being touched too much. Due to this, out of respect for the animal, this workshop was a no-touch interaction. 

After being introduced, Green Bean was observed by the students, the students would then share with the group as well as the employees what they think. They went into a little chat about each observation which led to curiosity from many of the students. Students held off on all questions during the lesson until it was time for the Q&A. After hearing students ask questions and hearing the employees answer, the students’ brains soaked up a ton of new information about African penguins.

5th, soon to be 6th grade student, Glenn Ruff, agrees that he is leaving that workshop with much more knowledge on penguins than before. 

“I learned that the pink on their face shows how cold or hot they are, if the color of their face is pink then it’s okay, but if it’s red the penguin is too hot and if it’s pale then the penguin is too cold,” said Glenn. 

Glenn also says he learned that penguins like to eat shrimp and fish. He now knows that some penguins live in areas that are hot, like South Africa and some live in areas that are cold, so they are prey to different species depending on their habitat.

“They are prey to sharks, orcas and seals,” said Glenn.

He learned about penguins shedding, laying eggs, getting vicious and pecking when upset and much more. Green Bean, after a while of being in her cage, eventually was able to get down and explore Oyler’s gym!

For more information on African Penguins, or the Newport Aquarium, visit https://www.newportaquarium.com/.

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Penguins come to Oyler Courtesy of Newport Aquarium