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Oyler’s Got Talent: Dancer Stephanie Lay

By Madison Swift

For Oyler’s Got Talent, we interviewed a seventh grade girl by the name of Stephanie Lay, aka Steph. She’s 13 years old and loves to dance.

Steph says that she started dancing she was just 6, and has been dancing ever since.

She says, “Dancing is a hobby, but I think it could make me successful”

Steph was inspired by the TikTok dancer, Addison Rae, and she believes that her talent can make her just as successful as Rae; if not even more successful. Steph dances to hip hop music more than anything else, and has grown to be very good at it.

“Stephanie Lay is a very talented girl,” says a friend of hers. “She has a lot of potential, and will be a star when she gets older.”

Her friend says Steph really is a very strong and amazing person. Steph has taught herself how to dance and learned to do it very well. She has practiced for so long and made herself known now. So, if you see Stephanie in the hallway, make sure to congratulate her for being brave enough to come out of the shadows and into the light with her talent. Good job Stephanie!

Steph also says that she would like to be a doctor when she’s older, so either way, as long as her grades stay up, she believes she will achieve her goal.

Steph says, “my talent makes me happy!”

Stephanie seemed very passionate about her dancing, and with that kind of passion comes great happiness. Steph’s advice for anyone whose talent is still hidden is: “to relax and breath; go with the flow.”

This is great advice because going with what you think will make your journey through life better is good.

In conclusion, Stephanie came out of her little box of stage fright to be in this article, and so should you! Don’t hide what your talent is because you’re scared.

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Oyler’s Got Talent: Dancer Stephanie Lay