Oyler Sleep Habits

Oyler Sleep Habits

Jordan, Griffin Reporter

It turns out, most students at Oyler don’t get the sleep they are supposed to get for their age.

Reina said she sleeps 9 hours on normal days and then 6 on shorter days.

“I need 9 hours of sleep to be successful during school hours,” said Reina.

Ras said she sleeps 3 hours on an average night and if she gets less then 3 hours a night she very emotional. “I’m very emotional when I’m tired,” said Ras.

Ms. Steph, a staff member at Oyler, said she gets 7-7 1/2 hours, and she doesn’t ever feel like she is tired. “I honestly never feel like I am tired.”

Some students said the reason they get little sleep is because they are on their phones all night, they have sleep anxiety or the weekend messes with their schedules.