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The Oyler Griffin

The Oyler Griffin

What Oyler Teachers are Thankful For

By  Tabitha Zinveli and Keaira Westheider

In Kindergarten, Ms. Audrey Johnson is thankful for her students.

In first grade Mr. Chris O’Brian is thankful for good health and a great family.

In second grade, Ms. Michelle Reiring is thankful for family, friends–and Oyler High School.

In third grade, Mrs. Shayna Setty is thankful for her family and her “awesome third graders.”

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Kari Mellott is very thankful for the staff at Oyler because, she says, “they are very supportive.”

In sixth grade, Mr. Cameron Vocke is thankful for his students.

Seventh and eighth grade math teacher, Mrs. Rachel Tapp, says she is thankful for watching her old junior high students grow up into responsible teenagers

In high school, one of the math teachers, Mrs. Deb Williams is thankful for her loving family. In-school suspension teacher, Mrs. Tawanna Applegate, is thankful for her family, love, and her health. The Vice Principal Mr. Daryl Patrick, is thankful for his lovely wife and his job.

Gym Teacher Isaiah Dozier is thankful for all of his Oyler students.

One of Oyler’s health care providers, Mrs. Jasmine, is thankful for her family and her health. Oyler Security staffers Mr. Ricky Thomas and Mr. Charles Dukes are thankful for Oyler and life. The new Spanish teacher is thankful for family and Oyler school. Art teacher Mrs. Laura Demo, is thankful for her new baby. Mr. Jared is thankful for his awesome wife and wonderful children.

Here at the Griffin, we are thankful for these teachers and all the others we weren’t able to interview who make Oyler the special place it is.

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What Oyler Teachers are Thankful For