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Red Bike Station Riding into Lower Price Hill

By Joseph Harbin

There is a new bike station going in around Hatmaker street. It’s at the corner of Hatmaker and State Street on the vacant lot adjacent to Meiser’s Market. This is pretty exciting for the Lower Price Hill community as it’s providing students the chance to ride together in a club too.

Oyler’s biking club prepares to go on a ride on Red Bikes. | Photo by Tiffaney Hamm

The organizer of this bike station is Greg Lang and he hopes to bring more fun ways to get around the neighborhood.

“I think, initially it will be a fun thing to do. For instance, I think it will be good for people that have to get to their job, it’s bringing a new way for transportation around our area,” said Lang.

Access to bikes will be a great thing for Lower Price Hill because it will bring new adventures and it will let people branch out.

Ever since the pandemic started, people have been less active because of quarantining and this will be great for people to get out and try something new with their friends and family.

“Where bike trails develop, there’s always bound to be businesses that develop around there since it’s kind of a hotspot for people to be,” Lang said.

Lang was referring to the new six mile stretch of the Ohio River West Trail that opened in LPH last August. It will eventually link the city’s West Side to downtown and more.

Also, as Lang said, this is probably gonna be a great spot for new things
to develop and more fun activities to be had.

The main goal of the bike trail is just to get people out and get them moving because I feel like there’s almost been a disconnect of physical activity this last year after the pandemic.

Lang also stated, “we’re trying to develop and get this out to the world that these bikes are here and it will help the community come together.”

The biking club will meet at Oyler on July 14 at 3 p.m. this summer. Another date might be confirmed for August as well.

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Red Bike Station Riding into Lower Price Hill