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    Oyler Students’ Desired News

    Find out where Oyler students read the news.

    It turns out most students at Oyler either don’t watch the news at all or, only watch local news.

    Justin, an 8th grade student said he doesn’t watch the news. He also said that he doesn’t like anything about the news. He said he doesn’t like how people on the internet can lie about stuff, so he doesn’t know if he can believe the news.

    He said he would have possibly watched the news if everything was true and if it was entertaining to watch.

    Blessing, another 8th grade student, said she watches the news in the morning when she’s waking up and getting ready for school. She said she likes worldwide news to know what’s going on everywhere but only local news for weather. She said she normally watches for the weather so she can prepare for her day.

    She said she liked most news and watches local Cincinnati news a lot.

    Amont, an 8th grade student, said he watches the news during the morning as well. He said he prefers local news so he can know what is going on in his city and so he can get his wanted news faster without having to wait for the worldwide news to finish.

    Ras, another 8th grade student said she watches the news when she wakes up while she is getting ready for the day.  She said she only watched the news when she wants to know the weather or if there’s a war or something big happening.

    Some students said the reason they do not watch the news is because of all of the fake stuff there is and they do not know what to believe when they are watching the news.

    Sources for news:

    Local 12

    WCPO Channel 9

    FOX19 | Cincinnati
    World – BBC News

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